Cara Memasak Resep : Kue Kering Bawang Pita Garpu Cocok Untuk Kue Lebaran!!!

Recipe: Garlic Cookies {YT: Kue Kering Bawang Pita Garpu Cocok Untuk Kue Lebaran!!!}
3pcs of egg.
50gr of Garlic.
150gr of Cayenne Pepper.
50gr of Candlenut
1kg of White Flour.
Sago Flour or Tapioca Flour.
Powdered Pepper.
Gourmet Powder (Flavoring Powder).
Powdered Milk 150gr.
Melted Butter.

Crush the ingredients (Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, and Candlenut). You can use blender to crush the ingredients, until became smooth.
Then add a small amount of water (or as much as necessary).
Then put the ingredients (smoothed) into the mixer.
Add ¼ teaspoon of powdered pepper.
Add 2 teaspoon of salt, then add ¼ teaspoon of Gourmet powder (Flavoring Powder).
Add in 150 gr of Milk Powder, add in melted butter, add in celery, and 3pcs of egg.
Add in sago flour or tapioca flour, then add in small amount of water (200ml).
Then mix the ingredients until well blended (if the water is not enough then add some more), and became dough.
After become dough, take the dough out from the mixer and put it into the table (or clean surfaces).
Take some dough, roll it with rolling pin until became thin.
Now cut the dough (you can cut it into any shape).
Then mold it into any shape you like (can be Tie, fork shaped, or anything you like).
Now heat up the stove (put in oil for frying), wait until became hot enough.
Now put in the dough (cutted or molded) into the frying pan, wait until the color became golden brown.
Then put the cookies into the oil filter (or plate with absorbent fiber) wait until the oil became dry.
Garlic cookies is ready to be served, Enjoy.

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Resep : Kue Kering Bawang Pita Garpu Cocok Untuk Kue Lebaran!!!

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